Class Introduction - Read this First!

Did you know that a secret war is raging in within Christian organizations?

According to 2016 Barna Study, 68% of Christian Men and 33% of Christian Women view pornography on a monthly basis. The average age of exposure for children is 9 years old. Pornography use is causing casualties among congregants and church leaders alike, and it proceeds unchecked. The toll of this war mounts daily: faith lost, families broken, churches split and abandoned. In a generation’s time, how many faithful will be shackled? What pain will that mean for God’s kingdom?

The church is an army, and it is time for it to be called up to the battle. It needs its pastors to lead in this fight. It needs training, gear, and preparation. Every church needs a plan and allies.

This is the business and the mission of Covenant Eyes.

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